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It's Important Lyrics

My love is strong for those who are gone
Those who have suffered, fought against wrong
I will rejoice that some people fight
They fight against evil, fight for our rights

Someday we'll be happy and free, in harmony, that's right
Everyone will old hatreds kill, differences will unite
It's important, it's important, it's important, to us

And I know we could all live together
Because I've seen it with my own two eyes
Black man, white man, jew and muslim
Seeing no need to despise
To despise something because it is different
Is an evil that has hurt for so long
I've seen them work and play together
And the feeling feels so good, it can't be wrong

And if you see Mr. James Connolly
Will you tell him that it wasn't in vain
Because he made us strong, for to fight against wrong
And a dream that's strong can never be slain
And if you see Robert Nesta Marley
Will you tell him that each and every day
The words that he spoke are still giving us hope
And guiding us through life the right way

And I'll try to follow Mr. Daniel O'Connell,
Strike a blow for the downtrodden man
Because to my nation he tried to give emancipation
He was a paddy but for office he ran
And Nelson Mandella is a gem of a fella
He triumphed because his will was so strong
Followed his dream and brought down a regime
Laid foundations he can now build upon

To us, to us, to us,

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