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It's Not Alright Lyrics

Medical alert but it doesn't really hurt
Now there's nothing we can do
It's already on its way
This time you didn't wait to call
Didn't hesitate at all
Now there's nothing we can do
Only waiting it's already on its way

I remember feeling down
Whenever winter came around
And you gave me a hat
Put it on and let's go out
And we talked and talked again
Until the snow turned into rain
And in spite of all we said
I already want to know more than I do

And when you sighed it was so hard to hide
I saw the sign flashing in your eyes
It's not alright and it doesn't help to know
That I'm not the only one who feels the way it feels

Did you try and bury it inside
Did you hide I do it all the time
The day's arrived it seems like such a crime
To conceal the heart I have
The heart I have

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