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Just Like You Lyrics

It's just like you to want to hate me
But never take the time to date me
And I'll still sit around thinking of you
I took you to the big makeout spot
And carved your name in every desktop
Now you want to see somebody new
That's just like you
I know you think that I'm just so lame
But it's still hard when I hear your name
Maybe someday I'll get over you
I tried real hard not to get bitter
But all your stupid girlfriend jitters
Make me do things that I can't undo
That's just like you
And if it's someone more special
Well I don't want to know him
And if it's somewhere more special
I don't want to go there
We never really could get started
Cause you just left me broken-hearted
Thinking about things we'll never do
Like wanting to hang out together
Asking you to wear my sweater
I hope it's fun to hurt me like you do
That's just like you

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