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Ka-Boom Lyrics

Dark Lotus
I can make it thunder
(Dark Lotus make it thunder)


Don't be looking to the sky for birds or planes
All you'll find is the Dark Lotus spittin' the Black Rain
Body slamming each other on clouds
Making electrical sparks that can be seen for miles
In the depths of the dark, 'til we stomp the clouds
With thunderous roar
That's when bolts start flyin' and rain starts to pour
Where you gonna run from? Up here we gotta clear view
And with electrical bolts you know that we gonna spear you.

Violent J:

I got a 15 pound sledge hammer that I burry into domes
Of people in them unlock tombs
And fuck a headache I pop heads like grapes
And I keep swinging at it until the bed breaks
I make it boom, I'm always spending bloody money
And if my mom found out how I got it
She wouldn't love me
It's over quick, I blow the brain matter out your ears
And leave the bloodiest crime scene the mother fuckers seen in years.

Chorus x4:

I can make it thunder
(Shake the ground)


Explosive and I can split the ground
I'm that crazy mother fucker that just walked into town
With a backpack full of C4
And your backpack's full of whack raps cause it's all that your good for
Push the button, I dare you, go ahead and do it
And fuck it, I'm about to lose it
And show you to step to it
I blew it up, and then I walked away clean
I wiped the block like slate and a house on a scene


Don't make me jump up and put Zeus in a headlock
There step my foot and make the earth crack, no this
My hatchet blade is sharp as a razor
And split the spine of many a hater
When we roll this deep with six petals
And bang more heads together then heavy metal
When my hands hit your neck, you're gonna feel a grip
And when I go to Hell
I'm gonna pimp the devil like a B-I-itch

Chorus x4:

I can make it thunder
(Shake the ground)


Feel the Earth shake when my feet penetrate the ground
The Dark Lotus sniper shaking clouds bringing the thunder down
Forget about the scope, more like a psycho killer
There ain't no method to my madness
I only like to murder
It's cool to see bitches tryin to run, they won't get far
They just a moving targets, and we aiming for the heart.
Bullets rain down like spurts of flash flood
And 30 people lie in pools of their own blood.


Can you see the light flash when you walk in the dark?
Lotus keeps you on the edge of your seat with a spark
Everything arounds crumbling, listen to the sounds
From the center of the Earth rumbling
Can you feel that?
Every place you look you're blinded by a sign
That thunders coming stronger and you're about to die
Hell is dropping faster, rain is burning hot
And the only thing you can do is sit back and watch.

Chorus x4:

I can make it thunder
(Shake the ground)

(Looks like rain)

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