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Legacy Lyrics

that I'm excited to share with you tonight,
and one thing I've realized is that we all want to leave behind a legacy;
we all want to be remembered for something.
And then I was thinking going, How can I be remembered?
and then I suddenly realized you can do it on a daily bases,
even if it's one on one with people.
For example, the other day, I saw a young boy,
and he was eating an ice cream cone,
I ran up and I smashed it into his face,
I leaned in, I go, You remember me forever! and I ran away.
Cause you know when he's 50, he's gonna be like,
One day a man ran up to me, I did not know this man,
he smashed my treat into my eyes. And he pointed and said,
"You fuckin remember me forever."
But I did not say fuckin, I did not say that.
He added fuckin to make the story more intense and interesting.
He deserves to have ice cream smashed in his face,
cause he's a lying 50 year old man. I did NOT say fuckin.

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