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Lesser Lyrics

The more I have
The more I need
The less I live

Consume the air
Consume ideas
Consume ourselves

Below these skies
The same old lies
The same deceit

The parent's words
The shining knives
Cut off our wings

I'll break concrete walls(BREAK)
Concrete souls (HEAR)
I'm not alone(NO) Follow me(SEE)
Through my eyes(LOOK) We can be free(FREE)
From all these(RUN) Here I come!!!

I feel abused
What can I do?

This world is trying
To keep me down
To lock me up

I want to shine
They won't let me rise
I hate this marsh

A lesser god
For a lesser man
The line is clear

STAND UP and take my hand
RUN FREE and sweep this land
FROM ALL the fear and pain

Do not forget me
Do not forget my words
Cause I was the one
Fighting those mortal gods

Do not obey
Please just just follow your will
Let them be worried
Every one of us is GOD

Take no advice
Your life belongs to you
Wear no disguise
Do what you have to do

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