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Liar Lyrics

One more time
I was asked to stand on the front line
To make the numbers up
Will I never learn how to read signs
I should know by now,
I should know just how
The same mistakes will be
Taken advantage of
Each time and every day
Someone's got to pay
For this feat of clay

You're out of line
Living like a fool near the breadline
And now you're out of cash
Well keep your beady eyes
Off of my stash
I know where you've been
I know what you've seen
I can tell by the way that you're taking
So stay away from me,
Stay where I can see you
I know what you are

You're just a liar
You're just a liar

Some would say
That your favorite taste is sour grape
Well I don't care for it
And I don't want any part of your bullshit
Why should I endure
I've done what's asked and more
And now you're saying
I owe you a favour
Don't piss me about
If you count me in, I'm out
I know what you are

Liar etc.

You're cheque is in the post, money secure
Don't worry 'bout a thing
I've done this times before
Just place your trust in me, I'm nobody's fool
Just sign on the dotted line and
Everything'll be cool
How many times must we fall
For the same old lies
Sooner or later we must know
Before we're all out of time

You're out of touch
Get yourself a life because yours sucks
But not on my expense
You should build a wall and a high fence
And stay away from me
Stay where I can see you
Don't you know you're a poor sad bastard
Bound to be no good
You know your name is mud
I know what you are

Liar etc.

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