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Life Lyrics

I guess this is the fade and 11 pounds I weigh
And I see these people talking but I don’t know what there sayin’
I see my arms moving but I don’t have control
Feels like I’ve been here before and they just recycled my soul
Cuz I ain’t been here long, yet I still understand
How to do things like grab what evers in the palm of my hand
Doctors put me in a cell I thought I’d never get out
Until a couple people scooped me took my back to their hours
It was then I started learning what this place was about
When I’m alone in a room, sometimes I stare at the wall
But I got tired of that and so I started to crawl
Crawling that turned in to walking, walking to running to ballin’ ballin’
And playin’ with the other kids till mama was calling for me
To come inside, run inside, trip on the curb
Skin my knee on the pavement and said some horrible words that I hears
From the other little kids around the corner of the block
Mama heard me I got popped, so I stopped
Or maybe I just learned how not to get caught
Something strange tell me why everything is starting to change
I guess this life ain’t all about chasing material things
It’s about pleasing me, me it’s all about mine
I would do anything just to make that dime
Shouldn’t ever see her pulling out that dime
It never woud’ve made me wanna choose that grind
Now I’m feeling like everybodys out to get me
Gangbangers took me in,
Now the hoods ridin’ with me
And I’m living in the fast lane
Gotta make that fast change
Cuz time change quick…
Ask Mike Vick
Now my rides clean
I’m only seventeen
Pockets on creatine
I’m on top of the world
I’m in the club free
All in VIP
All drinks on me
I’m on top of your girl
I got a lotta funds
Enjoy the young guns
So I can sit back
And get the kick back
Fell like I’m missin’ something
So I bought some more stuff
Money, jewelry, houses, cars
Women, still it ain’t enough
I gotta get more
g-gotta get more
because the TV says
I need more greed more
Moneyyy! Cocaine
Moneyyy! Ball out
Moneyyy! Baby momma
So I crank it up!
I made a little money than I made a bit more
With the money that I made from the day before
And I ain’t ever had this kind of pay before
And these models ain’t never gave me play before
Cuz I’m on spaceship gone
I’m so gone I forgot my home
Didn’t even notice cuz of all that chrome
And can’t nobody touch it cuz I’m in my zone
So now I’m in the club chillin’ out one night
Broad came in with a dress so tight
Swag on check game split just right
Yada yada yada now she’s my wife
10 years greater and 3 jits later
I’m still makin hits kocnick out these haterz
God pullin’ at me but I’ll try that later
Cuz I’m livin’ on the darkside runnin’ like the pharcyde
(hah) took a breath, now I’m back at it
Didn’t mention that I picked up a cigarette habit
And it got a little harder to breath (gasp)
Doc say I gotta disease (gasp)
Smoke! Smoke! I need that to cope
Cuz life still cold if u ain’t got hope
The world is a stage so try not to choke
My swag done got so perfect
That I feel like I’m surfin’
I sold my soul to Earth
And I wonder if it’s worth it
Cigarettes are testing me
And they gone get the best of me
Baby mama stressing me
And I thought god was blessin’ me
This ain’t what I thought of
When iwas getting caught up
In that terry benedict
Ain’t nobody benefit
All my life was filled with this
Now my body feelin’ sick
This as raw as feelings get
And ain’t nobody feelin’ this
I know god is real in this
But ain’t nobody feelin’ this
If I could do it all again
I’d do it different
I’d do it different
I’d do it different
If I could do it all again
I’d do it different (is it over?)
I’d do it different (is it over?)
I’d do it different (is it over for me?)
If I could do it all again
I’d do it different (is it over?)
I’d do it different (is it over?)
I’d do it different (is it over for me?)

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