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Life On TV Lyrics

This is life on T.V. (go,go,go) This is life on T.V.

Kick Back With Me
Smile to the Camera
Don't Tap Your Weave
Or fact to the factory (?)

Cuz This is Life on T.V

I try to Catch the Beat
Back it up Drop it
Then Check for me
And Dont Forget To breathe

Cuz this is life on T.V.

From the Jump I say Damn
This who I am
Came back from the fall quick (?)
Like ram the dan (?)
Sombody hit Auntie Ann (?)
Call said can I
Yes I can
Get fresh eh(?)
Man your Feet
I got it goin on like Miami Got heat.
I pay to keep 8 days a week
My Names on your lips keep hatin on me
Cuz i got the future

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