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Lives Of Authors Lyrics

Lamp posts alight like dominos.
There's a stillness in tonight. fluorescent eye in a concrete sky.
That beckons us to fly.
Prepare for the fact you won't be welcomed back.
I've realised that's alright.
Everyone has gone to sleep. it's just me and the cats eyes.
I want to be a writer and scribble about you and me.
How you can't understand someone so severe.
Alone in the driving seat.
White lines and flight paths.
This is my ship.
I'll take care of my passengers.
Lamp posts are ice burgs to be hit.
This is my ship.
We're all just chasing fish.
While an author takes his life.
The radio will flare and moan.
There are things you can never make right.
We fought one hundred times tonight.
I know i hit you hard.
With cliche upon cliche.
I keep my chest closer than my cards.
I am a torch with complex batteries. i've failed to show the way everyone left

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