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Look Me Up Lyrics

Do your thinking all alone with each other
Your eyes are blinking slow to make sure they're covered
So while you're under there, come back with a lover
You'll thank me
You should re-read all the letters she wrote you
I tell you, you'll thank me

Do it in the park, 'cause that's where you hover
Fulminatin' dreams to keep you above her
Has instead of had in this case would make you glad
Yeah, you'll thank me
You should decrease all the numbers you're citing
Yeah, you'll thank me

But now you'll do it all alone
'cause i guess you were enough for me
You'll have to do it on your own
Because i guess you were too much for me

But look me up when you want to try again
Look me up then

She wrote a couple books that you just discovered
You smile about the ways which you made her suffer
Don't hate her for that fact that she hates you
I tell you, you'll thank me
You should look at all the ghosts you're attracting
Yeah, you'll thank me

I know that you don't mind if she has a husband
Or that you already tried this once with her cousin
Don't take it personal that you can't break her will
And you'll thank me
If you want to know truth, don't go roof to roof
Yeah, you'll thank me

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