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Love Thang Lyrics

Scream backwards during this moment of silence
In another dimension gangstas are nonviolent
Science of love, born reality
Physics and Math add up to what we see
But even that ain't half of the half
My calves are thick, the son of Jah will get there
It's clear, forever this will stick
Every lyric I share-- strange flows raise up
From the underground more than volcanoes, brains grow
I shine on vines in your mind's vineyard
It's splendid, divine vintage
Classic, it is acid, I give descriptions
Like T La Rock, it's mine; syllables design
I decide to harmonize like nature
I won't apologize for my mic flavor
All you new jacks got nothing to say
Just Ice was gangsta way before N.W.A.
But I'll be damned if Sid Vicious didn't slam
Those next joints will further
Cold gettin' dumb to put you on point
So why I gotta kick slow... for all y'all bros
That ain't been in sync with the real flow
The same ones actin' stiff at the disco
We be like, 'get your man', it's a plan
When C.S.D. hit the floor

It's a love thang
It's a love thang
It's a love thang
It ain't no game

It's a love thang
It's a love thang
It's a love thang (it ain't no game)
It's a love thang

Bent like a nail that failed to get driven
You know, similar (to) Lee Harvey Oswald's getaway car
It's bizarre how I are, style's a mirage
I drop gems and holograms
I call a band to do a show, on the arm man
I stretch this like rubber over my shaft
Up in Africa, the faster thinker
Disaster to the sphincter
Rectum connections rip by my tim tip
Again slip into pink slits like pricks
From pieces of broken glass
Smokin' grass' hoppers, gotta step
Stiff as the effect of Aquanet
Aerosal, the error of all, jaws hanging, gaping
I sound freaky like squids mating
I loiter with oysters, they earl pearls over on Monroe
One flow come slow like pornos at half-speed
Pause, video budget small as a mother, call the plumber
Thunder, drop with lightning, I rock tight things
Expand it when I swing slander... my man
You need to leave the ring or retire like Evander
But then again, with all these chumps attemptin'
To be contendin'... they all end up bendin'
Soapboxes I crush, speak on your platform
The black storm settin' in, thunder and lightning
One of them's fightin', one I'm inciting

It's a love thang
It's a love thang
It ain't no game

It's a love thang
It's a love thang
It ain't no game

A signature tattoo on you
Not trying to brag, but C.S.D. is my tag crew
Your scribble-scrabble's ugly-- wack, raps lack
Your character's secondary like Dudley
I'm on the low like Arnold while you're getting fondled
I leave chumps at the climax
Similar to '(to) be continued' episodes of Good Times
I hook lines, foes are sowed like climb
What does my now canal bring
Write rhymes on Sunday with the queen' pumpin' Al Green
Simply beautiful, my mentals be musical
Think about what's going on, I'm throwing bombs
Cyborg Cordell Stewart
Elevate, sure the hell can do it
I dwell in the future, welcome to oblivion
The melanin continuum
I have seen and witnessed this present to past
How long will they last' how long will they last
How long will they last
I asked, and it's made known to my essence
I stay in the zone, cloaked by depression
Smooth duality
You can't show and prove'fallacy is fact
My reality' original black
Vowels come into contact
Of all chakras, forceful shocks
Your hood feels the remorse for blocks
(Fading out / in background as chorus comes in):
Don't stop, do the wop 'till you break your arm
Can you relate to what's going on' it's next

It's a love thang
It's a love thang
It's a love thang
It's' a looove thang

It's a love thang
No, it ain't no game
It's a love thang
No, it ain't no game
It's a love thang
A love thang

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