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Mange Ou Mourir Lyrics

[Ras Kass:]
Uh, yeah, Eat or Die
I've sprayed myself through band to not win
I done did too much good to not sin now
It's like the good die young, yeah
'Cause everything innocent is suffocated 'cause the street's militant
Me, I'm just passing the time
About to splash in the lime
Oh I'm like every other nigga with a mask and a nine
I've just mastered the rhyme
Notice the sledgehammer dawg I'll just crashing your spine
My pencil got subscription to guns and ammo
Homeys in L.A and N.Y. got dunce and fammo
And we break bread, break niggas off, break a bitch
2006 I don't break-dance, eat a dick, I'm on some grown man shit
I'm about that CREAM, face on my Jacob looking like a flat screen
White wife-beater, bubble gums soul on my white NIKE Jeter's
I don't like Peter, got mink covered mink, how stupid is that?
It's about as stupid sniffing coke and hustling crack nigga
These niggas ain't 'BUILT FORD TOUGH', I'm bored shitless
They not spitting; they just blowing kisses
This is... crack muzik and after my mac lose it
Stack the rocks and stone hands like black drew it
I'm 'LOST', drink like Michelle Rodriguez
Ain't a nigga signed to UNSIGNED who could see this
Yeah, y'all could hype and he might do numbers
But locked up, he's soft dawg, he might wash unders
To get it right, not now but right now
Put your mouth on the curb bitch and bite down

[Outro - 'American History X' movie sample:]
[Derek Vinyard:] I'm a teach you a real lesson now motherfucker
Put your fucking mouth on the curb
Lawrence: Come on man
[Derek Vinyard:] Put it on the curb right now!
[lawrence bites onto the curb]
[Derek Vinyard:] That's it!
[Danny Vinyard:] Derek, no!
[Derek Vinyard:] Now say good night
[Derek stomps Lawrence's head into the curb]
[Derek Vinyard:] Motherfucker!
[Police sirens]
[Police Officer:] Drop your weapon. Put your weapon on the groud
Put your hands up. I said get your hands up. Now turn around
Put your hands behind your head. Get down on your knees right now!

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