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Mantis Lyrics

featuring Masta Killa Tekitha

[martial arts movie sample]

The technique depends mainly

On arm and finger strength

Once you've that then the next step

Is to learn how to pierce stone

Well you might as well start practicing now

Do you Do you Do you Do you

Do you know mantis legends?

How it was it all started?

It was fighting off this blackbird

Although it was only a tenth of the bird's size

It was a very valiant insect

And that's why the technique, needs a brave man

And a strong one, who isn't afraid of birds

[Bobby Digital]

Welcome back to the temple of hip-hop and Sword Kem'po

Lyrical rhyme nympho, be -boy Bob Digital

Diamond crystal ring solid gold bone rituals

We be the humble most calmest individuals

Hard to spot microdots, we Sasquatch

Stomp MC's, third eye Cyclops lazer beam shots

Being fired once the father get raised up

We John Blaze up, abrasive heat, from the phaser gun

Never left for a stun Dunn, Atilla the Hun

type Killa Park Hilla, eighteen wheeler Mack's

In the truck lanes, from the rugged grains

of Shaolin soil, the red wolves be prowlin

Howlin over the shit that got the whole world bowin

We spoiled, one thousand swordsmen

One thousand recordings, one thousand Wu stores and

One thousand rap tours and global insurance

Not your everyday occurrence

My rhyme torments MC's with the fear of God

You'll be cursed like Farad, and struck by the iron rod


Chorus: Tekitha

Hell's Wind Staff, the wrath of Black Titans

Niggaz battlin, sword swingin

Cutthroat women, whirlwind given save the children

Escape the poverty for live and, let live

Die by the mic, shadow steel by night

(repeat 2X)

[movie dialogue]

Man-Mantis style isn't easy to learn

A mantis is small, but powerful

With it's arms, it can lift up many times it's own weight

[Masta Killa]

On behalf of the Wu-Tang Clan I'll display

the Hong Kong, Shaolin King Kong poems

Slaps niggaz in half from Kwan'tan

Ten tigers scratch like Allah math, the Hell's Wind Staff

Watch the eight diagram strike the diaphragm

Pierced lung minute from tongue double-edged

sound the drum, here I come as predicted

Holdin the raw seal, all heads kneel

7th Degree black mic skill is ill, listen to the guns holler

Swallow the shell, East New York terrorist

Break fool to this, madness, crazy low-hand

Grabs the mic stand, smooth as water

Spat Seven Seas you've not yet mastered

Breathe and lungs wheeze, Earth kills

I'm wreckin MC's, blood spills, meadow is round

The piercin sound of Shaolin's deafens ears

Fires fears, wood sharp eagle claw tears

Tree from bark, hard to maintain control

When you leakin I stand with the strength of Jobe

and hold pleasure that I bust your head, while I'm teachin

civilization, one havin Knowledge

Wisdom Understanding, cultural firemen

Knowledge savage in pursuit of happiness

Thunderous mantis, all chant this

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