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Married Man Lyrics

Saw you in the street one day
Walking up to you,
Just wanted just to say baby.
Instantly you looked the other way
You grabbed a lady's hand
Then you kissed the head of her little man
Started thinkin' should I blow him up?
Tell her who I am?
Tell we've been making so many plans?
But instead I left
And I just cried 'cuz I was broke inside.
Now I wanna know the reason why.

So tell me why do this to me?
Why do this to her?
And why'd you do this to your baby?
I loved you for your honesty
But it was just a lie
(Bkgd.: Don't you know the way I'm feeling inside?)
You can't imagine how I feel
Thinking you were real then to find out we're nothing
I've been living in a faded dream
But reality quickly hit me
When I saw you with her

Saw you walking by me
Strolling by casually like you didn't know my name
Baby in your wifey's arms
Breakin' up my heart
You're a married man playing games
Wish somebody told me 'fore I let you hold me
'fore I let you in my bed
Never would've let you stay
Made you go away
You're a married man playing games.

I can't believe you've been with me
While you were keeping home with her
So now I am the other girl in your other world
And I didn't even know I was
You really thought that you could be with me
While you were keeping secrets
But all that's dark will come to light
Baby that ain't right!
How you fronted in the street-I saw you

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