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Memories Lyrics

This goddamn life
This endless time
Is writing into my eyes
Learn to forget
Living in calm day by day...
My days

Why am I afraid of sunny light?
Tell me why all the memories calls me?
The tears forever coming me
No more tears flowing through my skin

I'll feel my name
I'll find the way
The way that lived yesterday

I lost the time...
What have I done with my life?
But what have I done with this life?
I run from the day trying to die
Where I painful mind was whole night?

Remember all my past time
When the future is waiting for me
I am lying on this ground among memories
Can the ocean of time clain to own me
To own me...

This goddamn time
This endless life
Is writing into my eyes

Heart I feel distress in my heart
But I have gone to hell for a smile
I hear voice from the past
Time, I only need more time

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