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Metal Machine Lyrics

It Comes To You Without A Warning
It Get’s Connected To Your Mind
It’s On A Hunt, It Will Find You
You Can’t Escape It’s Terror Mind

It Starts The Laser Eyes
And Starts To Memorise
Now The Chase, Has Now Begun

It’s Starting Up The Multifazing
It’s Generators Heating Up

It Stares With Empty Eyes
You Will Be Paralyzed
And Now You Cannot Run Away
Grabs You With Metal Arms
Incineration Farm
You Are The Waste, It Doesn’t Need

Look And See
The Metal Machine
We’ve All Been Living – Now It’s Over
Hide And Seek
The Metal Machine
Creep And Crowl, It’s Getting Colder

The Clock Is Ticking Down The Warning
Until The Bell Begins To Ring
Tried To Fight, We Cannot Move
We Know The Human Race Is Through

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