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Monkey Lust Lyrics


In the hobo jungle
Underarms ain't always clean [?]
Santa Fe woman is soulful
Gotta watch they have ... [?]
She smiles like a ... [?]
And stands like a ... [?] queen
She unwound my bandages
And scrubbed my ... [?] clean
[grunts etc]
She a lady don't let us ... [?] down
... [?]
Before we turn around
... [?] saving grace
From time is always wrong
Peachfuzz stared from the bathroom and said what's going on?
If you have monkey lust you don't need nothing else
But if you don't have monkey lust nothing else will help
Well, all right.. I say yeah! [scream etc]
It's the fastest moving zombie show
The police have every seen
The policemen were ... [?]
... [?]
Well citizens eating and sleeping [?]
Watertank ... [?]
Well all I need is a little bread [?]
Monkey lust

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