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Nothing In Here Lyrics

Since I was young so young
I learned to see what others wanted me to be
I practised it all my life in many different ways
So now I'm the master of masks

I can't find the boundary
Where others end and I begin
I can't decide
My colours merge into those of others

He's the man, they say he's the hype
In all his fame, no one would have thought that he might
Be living a lie and not his own history
He sold all his colours to the pop industry

You just take the outside as if there's nothing in here

She is a sweet girl that hides carefully
Her fateful secret, she's longing to be
Graceful and skinny like those girls on TV
She threw up all her colours to look that pretty

They can't find the boundary
Where media ends and they begin
They cannot hide
Their colours got lost in this world of others

She tried to escape from her bleak and poor home
A stranger took her far
But kept none of his promises
Locked up in a little room
He takes the money from the bedside table
Again she pretends to be somewhere else

They don't mind the boundary
Where their greed must end cause her beauty begins
No hope in sight
Her colours, sold and paralyzed

You sold out my outside and left nothing in here

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