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Nowhere Lyrics

Giant Sand

Don't send me out
To my cold cold car
Don't send me home
I'll just go the bar
Don't tell me
Home is where the heart is
Cause it's fair
To say I live nowhere
Is where I'm headed to
Nowhere is
Where I'll be without
You to pull me through
Now you're the only girl
I'm dreaming of
All the while you depend
On another man's love
Who ever said all in love
Andw ar is fair
Has never been nowhere
Is where I'll spend the night
Nowhere is
Where no one will be there
To hold me tight
My friend tried to warn me
He said "Look out now"
"You might get in but won't
Get out somehow"
No matter how he tried to say beware
I found that girl lives on a street
That leads to nowhere
You can tell Shakespeare
That to be
Ain't to be . . . without you

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