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Omaha Lyrics

let's find our way out of here
let us run from the sound of bars
let us run from this sound of wooden chair legs scraping shining wooden floors
let us run from lager taps, from little yellow plastic swords and the clink of clinking glass
from florescent bulbs from lighters
let's find a place where we can be alone, let's slip away
we can't really talk here
and so much of what i want to say
you know
and i love that you know
and i love that i still feel compelled to say it
so let's make it out together
let us burst into this grim northern rain
it's well past four in the morning
let us fall into shattered alleyways
with broken brown orange light
and crooked slick wet brick
let us run into black and then more black
and then hurdle a grand stone wall
into sopping emerald fields
chasing clouds and then catching them and then beating them
and a hundred thousand stars pricked out of nothing
folding into dry caked sand
the sea and oily waves
oily licorice waves
and grinning white caps
collapse into me--oh my darling--collapse into my arms
and we'll climb inside one sleeping bag
i would sit behind you
i would press mittened hands
against your tingling ears
against the beautiful bare of your shoulder
where the scarf let it show, where the salt and moistness gleam
and our chests heave
and i would whisper
soft and nice, soft and nice
we will never, ever, ever be alone again

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