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On My Grind Lyrics

uh-oh y'all muthafuckers done fucked up now
z-ro the crooked muthafucking moe city don
yeah nigga i done hooked up with rap alot
know what i'm saying
i know y'all don't like that
fuck y'all

the mansions, the hummer, the bentley i want it all
like every other nigga thats 26 i wanna ball
that's why i get up off my rump and i go and get it
so when my pockets looking low time to pay the suburb a visit
i can't see myself at the bottom of the food chain
when a nigga hungry and broke i go through some mood swings
lay it down muthafucker i got kids to feed
i was on the block and z-ro need the speed
do i suffer from greed i gotta get some cash quick
cuz i look back on my life a nigga ain't never had shit
50 packets get me through the night
y'all would've kept chopping
quarter ounces keepin fiends geeking
and stuffing weed sacks like pillows
i eat on the block i sleep on the block then i retreat on the block

caught up in this game of chasing dough
i'm not mamas little boy no more
everytime you see me in public i'm on my grind
it started out just trying to get fed
i gotta get up and go get this bread
and the ? of 50 million i'm about to lose my head

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