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One Over Two Lyrics

summer boredom
breaks my nerves
trying much too hard
to only come this far, and
late nights breaking
the days into
a momentary consciousness
endless bouts with loneliness

self absorption, at it's highest peak
inadequacies, so to speak
or just a fixation on me
the world keeps turning
and this, so often, remains news to me
it wouldn't hurt to see that

I take from all this madness
a hint I had mistreated you
and I know it's not right at all
but I'd take one over two

the door is open
the opportunity
stares in my eyes
so I apologize, and
sit back down
push it off for one more day
back to me again
this can't be where it ends, 'cause

sirens ring, the streets outside are
broken up by statues
building up a past that never
lived like we do
and I'll never achieve greatness
while I worship all this emptiness

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