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Opposite Lyrics

Way sick, no antidote
Earring same size as cantaloupes
They glow with my homeboy and low
Goddamn, little shorty got a camel toe
Hands on like a iPhone or a laptop or a iPad
So I make money like a ballplayer
So my pockets look like thigh pads
I'm the man, got the car with the trunk in the rear
Five mil a year, that's Gucci
Smoke a blunt, pop a pill
Snort a line, who cares
Get the popcorn out, it's a movie
Sir Mix-a-Lot, serve bricks a lot
Got a big old watch on my time clock
Push the button and my top drop
And I ain't even have to go to no chop shop

You niggas think the same, I think the opposite
Put my trunk in the front, that's the opposite
All red guts, but the paint is chocolate
Steering wheel on the side, that's the opposite
Gucci Mane, Southside, thinking opposite
Love stacking cabbage, but I'm smoking broccoli
You gonna pay her, eat the box, I'm the opposite
I'mma break her, cut her off, that's the opposite

Money don't make me, I make money
You niggas funny, I'm too real
Smoke big stank, got big bank
I'm heart-stopping, I'm hard to kill
Make a hundred million, God willing
Leave a hundred million to my little children
Got no ceiling and no feelings
I'm the truth, nigga, that's what it is
Got two million on my ice bill
Rolling 'cause I'm on two pills
I'm throwing money like a windmill
I'm so cold, lowering the wind chill
In a Maserati on Candler Road
Me and Mojo, and I'm blowing dro
Is you filthy rich? I might be
Is you best at it? I think so

I was locked up, no sunshine
Now I'm out and I'm balling too hard
Got two scrubs, no b-girl
My jewelry game is retard
Like a six-shot, I'm fully loaded
At Magic City, I'm getting loaded
Smoked so many blunts with your girlfriend
I thought that her head exploded
It's ooh-wop in that new drop
Got four o's in my soda pop
I'm so faded, I'm so wasted
I thought that I had dreadlocks
Make money at a fast pace
Don't come out here cause it ain't safe
Roll orange and I drink grape
I can't feel my damn face
It's Gucci!

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