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Out Of Misery Lyrics

Life in the 20th Century is everything but easy
Most people unemployed
The young and the old on the dole

Fortunately, our modern state
Developed methods to keep you out of misery

In hour or two spent in a queue
Fill twenty files and access to paradise

If you're 25, ask for R.M.I
Just stay home and get the fucking money
And it's so well made that
Your debts will be erased
Make your best to abuse the system

Brave new world remunerating idleness as a part-time job

Of course some things are asked to me
Go to the ANPE
So that they go on paying
When all I do is nothing

Fortunately it's only two times a week
Sometimes you make a sacrifice

I tiny pain for a comfortable gain
Allowances are falling like rain


Stand and deliver profits and benefits

Help yourself in the gold nine
The witty lead the ?
Help yourself in the gold nine
Like suddenly comes fine


Fortunately our modern state
Keeps you out of misery.

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