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Pocket Full Of Memories Lyrics

I let me sit down let me relax.
Put my time on hold I don't wanna think about my complex.
Pocket full of memories come with me and let's empty these.
Let's see who you wanna be.
Back in the days I can see me on the concrete.
Couldn't sleep had to think all the time.
How would I manage to improve and go for mine.
Rain all day rain.
Waiting for the lord to ease my pain.
Maintain I gotta play the game.
Different day problems the same.
Bass how low can you go.
Deeper than I did never holl ho.
I wanna thank my family.
Pocket full of memories we shall be free.

Down on my knees satisfaction for my enemies.
I mentoined several times that the lord is real.
And how you freeze and squeeze your face in a magazine.
I believe positivity to suseed my memories.
I was working like a slave you got the cheese.
And I couldn't even reathe.
One for my family two for my peeps.
I am a millionaire play fair I don't cheat.
Pockets full of cream the lord set me free.
Here I stand the witness believe me.

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