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Positive & Negative Lyrics

The world is filled with problems and misfortune
bums and abortion, ex-cons extortion enran the force of exon
I have a tendency towards sadness, a dependency on madness
Hennessey makes me unfriendly and I stab shit
I live and entirely different life than you
Im down and violently riff with a knife to get what I like cuz the system is trife
I choose evil cuz it's easier, the sleasier the better
cuz I'm too lazy to go out of my way to please ya
in seven years the world will be finished
triple sixes nuclear buttons pushed kid, Necrodamus predicts it
when we die we turn into shit like flies
no heaven just hell on earth so I keep victimising innocent eyes

For all the nazis who said the US, pops in our wig
today America is still the greatest country to live
I visited places with no runnin water for forces
we're fortunate to have the clean the most con often afforted
I aborted a violent past avoided going to prison
supported the thought of task and giving hope to the living
promote my mission of a time filled with violence and peace
I find strength in enemies that all keep challenging me
Im in the streets teaching teams about justice and freedom
and how eccentric they are and how we trust them and need them
I'm speaking truth all the proof is in how far we have come
let's celebrate what we've accomplished but our job isn't done

(Dj Eclipse cuts - Positive and Negative)

My relationships are willing a dictatorship
impregnate a bitch, I'm not responsible, let some one else raise the kid
causing effect is bullshit nothing ever effects me
my Beretta protects me - Fuck god, he better respect me
you ain't blowing up rapper none of us are
unless you mean blowing up with a bomb under your car
only thing your promised is a daster deceise of bullet
a natural cause there's no debate - I'm actually sure
I ain't clicking with you, your looking at me ill, I'm flipping on you
no one stopping me when I stick a knife in you jux on your grill
there can never be a day of positive
without negative flesh and positive face with a razor to balance the opposite

My twist is the sober, no longer smoked out on crack
I got food on my table a home in close on my back
my motive is attack, my vision is now clearer than ever
I resently settled the beef with the man in the mirror
I stand and deliver, don't worry 'bout housing no more
it feel good to make some money, got my album in stores
as bad as it seems, the tunnel got light at the end
I'm out to mystic, are where I headed and rising the fence
defend ourselves to live a quieter day, no longer will we hide away
forever will we learn to predator, but fight to bite the prey
my right to say that we will overcome any big opstacle
is not impossible if you believe in living logical

(Dj Eclipse cuts - Positive and Negative)

(Hook: Cenophia Mitchell)
We must know the negative,(the neeegative)
to recognize the positive (recognize the positive)
we must know the positive,(the pooositive)
to recognize the negative (so negative, its all relative)

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