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Prescription:Genocide Lyrics

You can call speed "Ritalin" but its still just speed,

Just like that free sample of "Prozac" in your mailbox is still just LSD,

But under Codex regulations your house will be raided for Viatamin C,

Why? Because healthy people are bad customers for the pharmaceutical industry.

Just one more government funded marketing scheme.

"Feeling down, here, take this pill. Depression is a chemical imbalance of the frontal lobe."

(This) Mental illness is not real! Psychiatric drugs are a mechanism of social control.

Just like the water you drink from the faucet in your sink has been fluoridated.

Are you confused?

I'll give you a clue, it has not a thing to do with preventing tooth decay.

(As they would say.)

So what the fuck is it gonna take, for you to realize your drama ain't shit?!

Its all so insignificant in comparison to current events.


Incrementally they're fucking you and me, but some choose not to see because on the surface everything appears to be functioning so perfectly, so "why even worry?"

From baby formula to diet soda, infants to adults sipping poison, Aspartame causing tumors in the brain, diabetes climbing at an alarming rate. And when vital organs fail, transplants are down to a two week waiting list. Another Falun Gong practitioner killed at the expense of someone else's ignorance.

Demonized for publicizing the lies just to justify the taking of innocent fucking lives.

"Your days are numbered!"

Can't you see we can't be stopped, people are waking up, and we're not giving up, until the tyranny stops.

"Your days are numbered!"

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