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Put Your Hands Up Lyrics

I see em,i got em,i only play to win,representing this hood im in,mame LO DI,coming threw i see em hand up in the sky,living high cause u know im realy fly,u better n0t let me catch you slip'n or trip'n up in da hood coz u kn0w u gona realy die, hek.ti.c i do this everyday,i hustle hard coz i wana get paid,n0 cash n0 carz,bet i shine lyk a star,n0w fuck who u r,ok put me 0na dope beat ima do it 4 the streets,khaled g0 hard i go all out,dats wat ima bout,i got these niggaz t0kin smak 0na track,ima kill em at thy own shit,kill em at thy 0wn game,kill em 0n they 0wn beat,nah mater fact ima kill em 0n thy 0wn trak,dats y thy cal me hek tic da best mc,2 step inda scene wit a bag of stick green,lo0king realy mean,mustard catch up u beta pace up,u mean muggin me i tear ur whole dam face 0f.nw put ur hands in da air,let em hang ,let em bounce,let em hang let em bounce,khaled go hard i g0 all 0wt

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