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Quickie Lyrics

[Intro: Jeezy & some gurl talkin']
[Jeezy:] Wussuh!
[Gurl:] Wussuh?
[Jeezy:] What's crackin' nigga?
[Gurl:] Chillin..
[Jeezy:] Where ya punk ass nigga at?
[Gurl:] He in the trap, ya know..
[Jeezy:] Oh yeah?
[Gurl:] Yeah.. Come through
[Jeezy:] Dat's what it is then, I'm in and out
[Gurl:] Dat's cool..
[Jeezy:] I ain't even trippin', ya know I'm sayin'?
[Gurl:] Dat's how you feel?..
[Jeezy:] Yeah. Just be ready when I get there nigga
[Gurl:] I stay ready nigga
[Jeezy:] Let's go

I'm on dat Grey Goose, a lil' Red Bull
So ya know how I'm feelin' tonight (I know how ya feelin' tonight..)
I just called, I ain't want shit
Want to know if we was chillin' tonight (Yeah, we can kick it tonight.. )
Slide through, dat nigga in the streets
So you already know it's on (Already know it's on..)
Just a quickie, you can slide the Vickie's
I'ma even leave the Nikes on (You can even leave ya Nikes on..)

[Verse 1: Blood Raw]
You know me - I ain't even gon' sweat her
Rick Flare stay jumpin' off the dresser (Aw mayn..)
Betcha ass ain't never felt better (Dayyum)
Ain't never met a nigga make ya azz more wetter (Yay-Uh!)
I like it when you do dat, drill ya ass harder
Pull ya hair when you throw it back (Aiyy!)
Say she love when I pull 'em to the side
I can feel it when she cum, I can tell by her thighs
Oh Lord you should see her when I'm in it
You should hear some of the sounds, it's the best 6 minutes (Hahaha)
Just a quickie, you can even slide the Vickie's
I might drop my boxers but I'ma leave my Nikes on


[Verse 2: Slick Pulla]
S.P., I like to wild out (Wild out)
But every now and then you got to take the time out (Time Out)
What's hann'in? (Yah!) Can I hit the grill?
Bend ya over on the dresser, beat cha down and slide out (Slide out)
Got the cigarillos, half a zip, ready fo' me (Ch'yah!)
Plus I've been drankin', is ya really ready fo' me? (Huh?)
Shoot the scene quick roll one take (Take!)
Then it's a rap I got moves to make (Ah-ha!)
In the back of the GTO gettin' it crackin' (G'yeah!)
Legs in the air, trynna to beat cha back in (Phureal!)
Stretchin' dames out, call me Big John Stud (Big John Stud)
All I need some Red Bull and bud (What's hann'in!)


[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]
Ya man hit it like this (Nooo!) - Well he oughta! (Yuh!)
Pocket full of Magnums fuckin' somebody daughter
Somebody momma (Momma!), in somebody bed (Yeap!)
Fresh pair of J's, between somebody legs (Deammn)
All I need is 5 minutes, leave her shakin' like a phone
It's all G baby, you can slide ya thong (Yuh!)
And I'ma slide in, and you can ride out (Out!)
I know you freaky baby you can wild out (Let's go!)
You see - I ride like a Rapstar, live like a Trapstar
Party like a Rockstar, and fuck like a Pornstar (Haha!)
And you can climb on top baby, I don't mind (I don't mind..)
And I'ma keep my J's on, you just grind (Wussuh!)


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