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Quiet Lyrics

Excuse me, Excuse me
Get right out of the way

I'm sorry, Beg your pardon
The fault's entirely yours
(Big Chops)

Your Highness
Your Worship
You silly pompous ass

Quiet! You're making such a racket
Quiet! Why must you be so loud?
Quiet! It's costing me a packet
Quiet! Persistant louts and clowns

Hello there, How are you?
Pee off!
(sweet trips)

Look, honest? Really?
(prune juice)

How lovely! How charming!

Quiet! Or else there will be measures
Quiet! Stop this unholy row
Quiet! Shut up, you little treasures
Quiet! When you've been told, and how

Alright little chap
Get back on mummy's lap
There may well be chastisements if you don't shut your trap
Just sit quite still
fold arms, face front

Quiet! You're making such a din din
Quiet! Why don't you please keep quiet?
Quiet! No one else is listening
Quiet! Utterly sick and tired


Sh, sh, sh, sh...

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