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Real Niggaz Lyrics

2000 Z-Ro, Z-Ro the motherfucking Don
Y'all know me, talking about this shife ass life that we live
Brothers killing brothers, sisters killing sisters
Fathers killing sons, I mean god damn

Let me continue by saying, that I don't love these hoes
My only love is found Ro, dumping optimoes
In an attempt to get lifted, trying to separate the real from the wicked
Being grown ain't as easy, as we thought it was is it
Nigga but you can visit me in prison, or keep in touch by the letters
Just seeing my partnas face, will make me feel better
Cause this earth is cursed, so I'm identified by pain in my verse
And will the final face I see be a nurse, for what it's worth
I wanna die while I'm sleeping, not while I'm creeping
Because my closest homies, might be into grim reaping
Hard for me to believe, that I became the man I am
Went from bible study to moving grams, on a digital scale
I make mail, cause in yale I sell
Guaranteed to make a profit, never fail
Cause they run and tell more money for me, cause I wanna be able
Not to ball, but to keep food on the table, believe that

Real niggas keep it real with God, keep your head up
Stay down on your knees, cause this life is hard
I know you don't wanna live in jail, for living shife
Hoping you might receive a kite, from your child and your wife
Real niggas keep it real with God, keep your head up
Stay down on your knees, cause this life is hard
I know you don't wanna live in hell, for living shife
Dwell in the house of the Lord, all the days of your life

Remember me Auntie, I still got love
But somebody been looking for me, so that's the reason I got slugs
Loaded up in a twelve gauge, holding it close when I walk around corners
Trying to stay sober, to be on my P's and Q's so no marijuana
But if it's destiny, for me to fail
I'd rather kick it in heaven, and leave the jealous in this hell
I'm built to last so I'm gon blast, with intentions to kill
Because we living under the devil, for real
God don't love the world, Eddie Davis only son to save him
If it was me, I would of told my father pop I can't fade it
Because the world, is so hateful (hateful)
Scandalous, conniving and ungrateful (ungrateful)
And if it ain't a nigga from the streets, then look to your family cause they gon trip wit ya
Wait for you to get paid, and try to sip with you
But y'all ain't drinking up out my cup, cause that will leave a poisonous stain
It's hard enough to keep my pistol from my brain, maintain


Rest in peace Grand Pappy Mafioso, day before yesterday
Another statistic, cause somebody let the AK spray
You know its hard for me to deal with, but I know what I gotta do
Get something, to make them hatas blood spill with
Kill me if you can, then you's the better man
But I'm telling you right now, I'm a motherfucking veteran
Gotta spill them niggas be talking about, I'm about to pick this nigga
Gotta watch these hoes, because they scan'lous ass dickless niggas
And I don't wanna die, so if I have too I'ma blast on sight
Better take cover, because I'm coming for your ass tonight
And even still, I try to keep my composure
But I find myself, drowning in codeine and the doja
I'll forever be thugging and mean mugging, while I'm clutching a fat nine
Eager to make a motherfucker, flat line
But I never start nothing with niggas, I just end it with a bang
When you do dirt, you get dirt mayn


Rest in peace Butta Boy, AKA Nutt
Rest in peace Malaki, rest in peace LL
Rest in peace, all my fallen soldiers in the game
Sammy Lee, feel your pain my nigga hold your head
Crooked ass cops, living in these crooked ass streets
Can't even believe what you see no mo'
Let alone none of what you hear, rules of the motherfucking game mayn
I just ain't ready to fall short mayn, do or die, real niggas

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