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Reason Enough Lyrics

Is this the night
Is this the end
You've come to tell me goodbye
You look at me
But I can still see
There's so much love in your eyes

So what are we doing
When I feel the same
We can get through this
Don't throw it away

Isn't love reason enough
To lay or hearts on the line
And isn't love reason enough
To try just one more time
Please don't give up
For isn't love reason enough

Me standing here
You standing there
Silenced by heartache and pride
This isn't right
Just isn't fair
Why can't we just say what we're feeling inside

Reach through the distance
Just pull me in
There's enough love left
To start again

It will be worth all that it's gonna take
To stay and fight for it
Not lose sight of it
Baby just have some faith

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