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Red Necro Lyrics

Follow me to the world of racism

(Verse 1:)
We're on the highway rolling to Californ-i-a
Seven of us heaven love us cuz it's evil in front of us
We must trust that G-O-D got our backs on this T-R-I-P
In the van we watchin' flicks and getting our kicks on route 66
Forty west got us dozin' my eyes closin'
Almost on E and so we stop to get some gas
Somewhere outside of Arizona people's persona
Seem like they put niggas in a coma or bullets in their ass fast
I went in to get some petroleum rodeo circus
These trashy mothafuckers trying to show me they tat's
On purpose swastika's here swastika's there minding my affairs
Till one shoved me and I said "Aww this is lovely"
I punched him back and said "Take that from a black"
His posse ran up I threw my hand up said "Let loose the gats"
They said "We're the type of boys that kill coons by the hour
Nigger one God, one race, seig heil white power"
I said "fuck you Bill Recio you spacey ho, I heard racists were dying
And I'm about to increase the ratio" while we were scrappin' I heard coon monkey ape baboon
I heard my partner's lettin' loose, they cleared the room
I let off a couple inside their racist encephals
I asked god was I wrong for slaying demons and devils
And if so forgive me but now it's 2 wounded and 3 dead
From shots to the head them racist motherfuckers bled (x24)

(Chorus) x2
Rednecks are the ones who bled next
first they used to hang us
now they get them heads checked
for bullets and abrasions that evil persuasion
this is one of the many, many flaws of this nation

(verse 2:)
I'm just a hard workin' brother at Ford
Report to work pronto amigo in my raggedy accord
Assembly working no smirking I get the job done
White folks staring at me like I was Dennis Rodman
Fuck it it must be the bandana I wear saying black owned
See them whispering everyday but they can yap, yap on
Saw it comin' a mile away and it figures
Somebody took a grease pencil and wrote on a car "whites own niggers"
Paid it no mind now it's lunch time
I'm eating quietly then a voice said
"You don't belong in society"
I looked then I felt like gaggin'
This white trash mother fucker
I heard that he was the grand dragon
Fuck it I'ma tag him, skull drag him
But his recruits equipped with steel toe combat boots
This is crazy for four hundred plus we've been infamous
Stigmatism is realism the idealism is to hinder us
Put his fingers in my face I bent 'em back
He said "you fuckin' jerk" and told me to watch my back after work
I punched out and walkin' to my car
I'm driving and I see this motherfucker he's following me from afar
Pulled over like an idiot jumped out and said what's happenin'
We started scraping he cut me with his knife
I took his knife there goes your life god forgive me
Because I slit his redneck, now all that's left is a fuckin' dead peck

(Chorus) x2
Rednecks are the ones who bled next
first they used to hang us
now they get them heads checked
for bullets and abrasions that evil persuasion
this is one of the many, many flaws of this nation

(verse 3:)
The demons are gonna kill me I feel it comin'
I'm a little piece of love and a pit full of 'em gunnin'
The pit is the planet damnit it's full of killas and racist
If god make it I'm saying god take it break it
Demoniacs of all colors crippers and blooders arian brothers die
If you fuck with any of us god lovers
A southern wind hit the Midwest
My mother cringed cause her vocalist
Keep fuckin' with white national socialists
Everybody wants to be the chosen God's people
When teaching hatred hatred at the steeple steeple
Lethal sequels when churches burn we purchase germs
Like guns to slaughter all the motherfuckin' surface worms
Be warned all fronts got the right to fall once
And the racists be the ones we call dunce
Down to die for my love so before you cease us
You gotta (what?) crucify me like Jesus leave us rednecks

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