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Reload It Lyrics

This is wat it means wen dj's reload it,
Its kano in the house
Yo nuff mc's just aint creative
They jus remix kano'z latest
Get a response n think there rated
Dnt bother call me, cuz we aint related
Nuff dj's dnt know the basics,
Cut a few dubz n think theyve made it
Made there raise but they aint made shit,
Listen to mak n play the same bits
Nuff producers think theyve made hits
Sold 500 they aint made hits
Brit is the vocal that makes it
And tryna charge me big doe to take it
Nuff promoters think raise big
N kids dont giv a shit wen there ravers
There standin up wiv no ravin
They came to the front
Then kano came in, nuttin like K, A, double dot No,
K.A.N shot it like O'z
I send da man dem abou da crenshaw
But i got the girls all over ma flow
But alot of people don't know about me
I can spit like a old skool mc
A,B,C..123, K,A,N,O lyircal G
U dont believe me lyrically
Lyrical danger, lyrical mean,
They know im that lyrical teen
And i eat the tracks like edable beats,
K ay im a bad boy boi tho
Im a real bad boy, bad boys knw that
U cant fuk wiv the bad d bad d d bad boy flow, cuz this is what it means wen dj'z reload it
That 16 was mean n he knows it
Double gets alot n whiley gets alot of reloads
Tinchy gets nuffin
Demon always gets re-loads
This is what it means wen dj'z reload it
That 16 was mean n he knows it
Ghetto gets alot n scratchy gets alot of reloads
Hyper gets nuffin, lethal always gets reloads
U cant tell me nuffin
I aint havin it
If i c suttin i like , fuk it im havin it
And we can go bk 2 bk but believe i'll have it up
And the dj knows it, cuz thats why he jacks it up, fuk it bk me up
I make love music, n i make thugs music
I make club tunez so dj'z in the club use it
Windows steamin up, wen the best mc's are teamin up
Evenin people say brap brap brap brap
N dj'z wee it up
Yo, K to the A, K to the A to the N to the O
I know that u people already know
I betta reload purely for the flow
Gimme that stage n a microphone
A speaker, n thats ma time to glow
I knw the ladies like ma flow
They put there numba inside ma phone!

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