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Ring My Bell Lyrics

If you feel lonesome
If you're on your own
If you feel like needing help
Don't wait to ring my bell
You will find me as cute as your favourite nephew
Until I break your knees with a baseball bat
You will find me so kind, I ‘ll be someone you like
Until I brush your teeth with a razorblade
I'll be there to heal you
I'll be there to care
I'll be there like your own son
So that you can't be aware

First I'll introduce myself as your best friend
The one you never had, the one you were waiting for
Then once is empty your bill-filled matras
You can thank your holy Christ if by chance I don't take your life.

If you need a rendez-vous
24/7 I'll be there for you
I'll be the bogeyman of the stories
You've been telling to your children.

the more it gets old
the more it gets cold

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