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Same One Lyrics

Say Mike Dean, dig these blues

Woke up with fifty some odd niggaz, bumping they gums
God I tried to be calm, but everywhere I go it's like Vietnam
I tried to be Joseph McVey, but hey
Niggaz be bringing the killer, back out of me everyday
The same niggaz, I broke with and got fed with me
Stood behind the trigger, when the infrared lead hit me
In my conclusion, ain't no such thing as a friend all I know
Homicides are homies plotting, trying to sniff off my ends
Like they a bloodhound, or a cuz-hound
Fuck you dollas, they'll lay they blood or they cous' down
It'll be the same nigga you be rolling with, and fucking with hoes
That'll tell your woman you unfaithful, cause you fucking with hoes
Same nigga sit down to piss, unable to stand up straight
They the reason real niggaz, doing time up-state
Talking to two 2-2 clips, cause they hustle is dead
The block is too hot for em, so they snitching to get they bread

It be the same one, claiming that he's down for life
That'll come, and lay you down tonight
Same nigga I retaliated fo', with 45's and K's
The one that got me, doing time today no lie
Same nigga out of FED, running low on his bread
Same nigga, trying to get between my lil' mama legs
It be the same one you figured, was closest to ya
That'll talk abot you, like he never knew ya

Pamnick State Jail, I got eight months to do
And it's a trip, I see niggaz banging for sodas and soups
In front of my eyes, I witnessed niggaz get mad and bitch
If don't nobody feed em, y'all niggaz oughtta walk with a switch
I deliver blows to the nose, of my feminine foes
I promise I bet not see you fellas, at none of my shows
Talking down in a penalty, that could send you to the doctor
Touch you up, and try to fit you in your property locker
Now dig these blues, I heard that I was paying for protection
Ol' coward ass nigga, 35 bunk
I got speakers bigger than you, in back of my trunk
So I kick's it with 21 and 44, and 29 bunk
Whoop the suffer spread, and watch the time rewind
His fellas hate us, cause we stay in the commissary line nigga


It be the same one screaming, that he's down for life
That'll set up a robbery, and lay me down tonight
That's why I travel with my bitch only
Cause when she opens her mouth, niggaz can't click on me
Peep out the conversation of a chrome cop killer, drop niggaz and bitches
These snitches got me cool, if they without niggaz and bitches
Ain't a thang changed, friends ain't friends no more
I'm on the clock for Lil' James, Rap-A-Lot Mafia hard core
If you hang around smokers, you most likely to be one
I'ma hang around some money, cause I'm trying to get me some
Fucking with bitch niggaz, jeopardizes my life and freedom
So I fuck's with Grey D, gon scoop him up and then here we come
We infamous and keep doing, can't stop the shit what we done
Relaxing is an action, that could make your life a rerun
That's the reason, I roll around Houston with two or three guns
Z-Ro and anybody killer, respect it when you see one


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