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Scamper Lyrics

Hey booger
Neely's been overcast, morning
A closet full of generic adult diapers
And a bible trivia game
Lunch, three doughnuts
And some chocolate milk
Reading, a newspaper
That is five days old

The nurse, the housekeeper
The doctor
The son is older than my father
The smell of old bland cooking wafting and blending
With that of red oak
Warm and sour

The kitchen floor is vinyl
And it's soaking wet
So is the bedroom
Of the mother
She has a problem
She is very old
With her bladder
You are outside
Sucking on a can
Passed out in the living room
Martha stewart
Is speaking
Three hundred and fifty pounds of machinery
Roll between her surgical stockings
And the hearth
I do not look up
I am terrified

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