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Shack Of Hate Lyrics

Ze wheels o' fire
A double man defier
A motor and I

I am your final Pompeii
O 'etched in acid
Like a shack of hate

Love in the gut a downbeat Caesar
Mother's holly roller
The invasion-man

She a real
A real fuck invention
Like Mississippi sway'n
Persuasion atomic
Eat it, atomic, eat it

What is a man
If not a he's a rebel rouser
Yeah, mechanized death
This is what you need

Las Vegas loser
A fuck'n crazy horse
Violent satisfaction
Switching the body
To a shack of hate

The skin buckles
This is what you need
A flesh surrender
Crucifixion burns
Sex mutilation
A dead diamond
This game is mine

Atomic, eat it
Atomic, eat it

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