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She Lyrics

Looks like she tricked me again
While she filled ever gap in my concrete foundations
With the hearbeats teeming in the sewer system
With the shoots coming out of the ground making the junctions crack
Binding my arms with chains of the wild vine
Destroying the pavements with their scoliotic spines
And bashing the surface with life

Looks like she tricked me again
With a hidden birds nest and the burrow and hive
In the corpse of the machine being eaten by rust
Washing out the mortar joint from between the bricks in the wall
In every single place I have lost the control
Crashing the bomb shelters from forgotten war
Bashing the surface with life

This time we shall call it a tie
This time she didn't manage to move my solid foundations
Though the action's reaction and destruction's creation
They say that every beginning has to come to it's end
Drop drills the rock not with force but by falling repeatedly
But all this overblown wisdom has been misunderstood
By foolish children of mine

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