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Silk Road (Pharvari) Lyrics

Memories help us understand time
And help us to come to terms with what's been placed inside
Inside every one of our minds a small child hides
Life is not a perfect game

You will know me by my given name
But you will never know all the lives that I've led
And you may never see me for the grain of sand I am
Life is not a perfect game

Fault isn't the emerald sky
It is the ivory lie told through our eyes
When there's no other way out, there is another way out
Your feet are the ground, one field of white

Crimson solitude lends yellow waves
Patches of what was green now is white
And what was future now is hindsight
Brick and turquoise, dancing violet strands
Bluish topaz acquiescent nerves bleed magenta

Among other things gossip betrays confidence
So avoid the ones with the quick tongues
Those who talk away, way too much
Pour one out for those who've been blessed with the gift of silence and the grace to use it

Electro magnetics would have us to believe vision is dead
So open your ears and listen, the colors will come in
They will rush in your childish eyes

We are the speed of light
And we ride frequencies like the wind

And as we stop to rest on a wavelength
Or up against an old oak tree
We are a leather bound story
And the book is the only thing keeping us alive
We are the speed of light

Just wait

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