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Sister Amazing Lyrics

Seemed to be another
Devasted lover
Any hope of ever getting gold...
And what about sensation
That censored motivation
She's giving
All you see a new reality...

In walking thru the street
It crumbles at her feet
You know no more the problem child
The king has left
And it has been a while...
"forget this new found fame
We nearly went insane,"
She said, "my friend and as you turn
You'll see he actual game... baby!"

Built it up from ruins
And gave it all you got
Sister amazing...
Crawled the rough and proved
That you are so much more

Relentless conversation
Giving inspiration
Any pout and even all that doubt...
And what about expression
And finding that connection
I am taking
All i can don't want to miss my chance...

Now break it down for me
Your triumph that i see
What else is shining in those eyes?
Is it that living pride,
I know you can't hide...
And here you go tomorrow
Not a show of sorrow
No more a sinner you are free
Giving a little more... baby...

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