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Slave Away Lyrics

Work and work all the timeJust to f**king stay aliveBut I just can't seem to stay ahead Bill collectors on my assI never have any cash Sometimes I think I'd be better off deadAlways broke my money is goneSomething is always going wrongA half decent living just a f**king dreamLocked into a classest cagePuts me in a f**king rageI get so frustrated I just want to f**king scream Slave away - all my lifeWork all day - no end in sightFirst it started off in schoolYou're treated like a f**king foolIt's just a part of the shape of things to comeThen you get a dead end jobWorkingwith some other slobsThat's when you realize you're not the only oneMr. boss man raises a glass F**k the poor and middle classTries and thinks of ways to keep the people downThere's more of us can't you see!!!It's them against you and meMaybe life would be better if they weren't aroundBurn the rich - to the groundWatch it all - come crashing downWorkâ€"-slaveâ€"-toilâ€"-dig your grave.

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