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Slow & Easy Lyrics

Walking through the woods as a child
Come up on some pages on an old blood pile
Torn up pictures of some people getting wild
Wondering why it stayed with me so long

On a train shooting through the lonely night
Trying to get home, baby, before broad daylight
Just sitting back sipping on some day old wine
Slow and easy on more time
Slow and easy one more time

No more peacefull than I was when I was wild
Slow and easy gotta get that same old high
Slow and easy
Slow and easy one more time

I've accused of so many things
Of only a few, baby, can I be blamed
Meet so many people with so many goddamn names
Please forgive me I'm insane

Walk through the garden with my black thumb
Many a rain this year, but hardly any sun
Tangled up in my own mess of weeds and vine

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