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Southern Cal Lyrics

She wakes up in the morning and she pours a cup of coffee. Stops it halfway full and fills the rest with Bacardi. She's got hair down to her shoulders and it's seriously curly. She watches daytime tv when she feels a little girly. She sleeps in on Sunday and she wakes up Monday. Goes to work on Tuesday. Calls Wednesday "hump-day". Thursday she asked me to drive her down to the new liquor store on the bad side of town but ...

She's my favorite gal. She likes the weather in southern Cal cause she can walk around barefoot. She's my favorite gal. She likes it better when we are pals cause it won't complicate things.

She never has money and she makes it sound funny but she lived in her car until she moved in with Johnny. She drags him down with her emotional stress about the size of his ego and the size of her chest. She works at the mall and complains about the city. Supporting her kid gettin' paid six fifty. She spends it all on alcohol and she drinks with Jim who lives down the hall but ...

She can never be broken and she says "I'll make it to California."

She's my favorite gal.

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