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Spaz Lyrics

While listening to this song take it easy
Don't dance or make noise at all
Please don't march or scream and please refrain from any erratic behavior
Never mind, go crazy

(Spaz on)
Both in the 70's, 80's baby, i'm a cause to the death of me (on)
Yosemite level, middle finger's up to haters who slept on me (snore)
Although you may say this, you'll take it back to stick your riders in heaven at (war)
Me you are related, you pat fucking, back stabbing, livin' on different rap (you)
And I ain't aimin' for the middle, tryna eat and get the viddles, I ain't 'bout a little bit
And I ain't afraid to be the Mental Giants protégé, many niggas is getting blown away
Nickname kali baby, women on my men, I see them goin' crazy
And if you feel the same as me come on and go and sing with me

If you feel like you'll go insane then
Spaz! spaz! spaz! spaz!
Everything you think is not the same, still
Spaz! spaz! spaz! spaz!
If you test the water prepare to swim
Spaz! spaz! spaz! spaz!
You might just go crazy instead in there
Spaz! spaz! spaz! spaz!

(Kali) baby, do what you never did, come to get chedar, enough that I get it (around me)
Let them be getting some money quiter, you niggas actin' confederate (nina)
People react just a minute ago and tv all off in the video (genius)
Ohkay oh-oh ill say it again if you didn't know (watch me)
Ba-ba-bablin' better than half of you rappers, I spit like a javelin (stop me)
Trapped in the traffic compadiris, you niggas earthlin' and i'm off of saturn and (me)
We'll Be The BEstest From The Midwestes. just go get your people, your men in here (free)
Cuz I can damage it, you niggas amateurs, i'm son of sam and i'll handle it (uh ohh)


Incredible to the beat blockin' medical procedures with kaliko's slicin ya (ham)
Dont no body go hard as a motherfuck but just the murderers you hear in this (jam)
You'll never gonna be the one to get it
When I rattle and you fight go sick, i'll crack on top of the big (ben)
I can be real honory my personae be all you gotta honor me (the king)
Better believe us
We will level you negra's
Like a devil deceiver's rippin you to pieces screamin' no jesus
Chopin' the big boss, my often profitable thoughts will profit to often cash
The many rappers losin' off of the music but never to be home and take us on the spaz (uh ohh)


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