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Still Throwed Lyrics

[Chorus: Z-Ro] [x2]
Still Hood, Still Paid, Still Throwed, Still Gangsta
Still a G, don't play me
'Cause you'll see Asshole By Nature.

[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
Uh, I couldn't afford lobster, I couldn't afford steak
So a 3 piece chicken wing dinner that's what I ate
Most friends were broke, only a couple had cake
Sleepin' outside, I had no where to take my dates
Walkin' around everyday in the same ol' clothes
Seein' the same ol' niggas & the same ol' hoes
Strippers at the club dancin' on the same ol' poles
Drug dealers tryin' to get you to cocaine yo' nose
Police raided the block, everyday at the same time
Tryin' to catch us & cuff us for committin' the same crime
But we had us a vision like Jordan with Hang Time
Tryin' to make a million dollars off of nickels & dimes
Brother that was 11 years ago & I'm still grindin'
Straight up out of the ruff, I ain't nothin' but a diamond
Use to do it for free now I'm paid for my rhymin'
The money too good I ain't thinkin' about retirin'.

[Verse 2: Trae]
I am the street dreams, still reppin' for the south
But that wait until you get then they run up in yo' house
24 hours a day they forever runnin' they mouth
Haters on dick but I'd rather run it in they spouse
It ain't hard to understand I'm on a different type of mission
Bein' broke ain't even a option bitch I gotta glisten
I starved back then ain't nobody wanna listen
And that was way before I even had a pot to piss in
But what a nigga know I put the hood in the view
Now they greet me with the H everytime I come through
That's just out of respect 'cause I represent the realer
I been a G all of my life & never act brand new
Ain't no limit to the hustle 'cause I want it full time
I use to get head, now I want the full shine
Tryin' to make it to the top'll be my reason for rhyme
In the gutter guarantee me I'm a get it this time.

[Chorus: Z-Ro] [x2]
Still Hood, Still Paid, Still Throwed, Still Gangsta
Still a G, don't play me
'Cause you'll see Asshole By Nature.

[Verse 3: Z-Ro]
My ass got Crown Holder jeans, my chest got Evisu & my feet got Gator
But don't get it twisted & play me for weak
I just wanna look good when I'm walkin' over all y'all haters
When I was on lock my nigga Trae was takin' over this bitch
And when I came home we connected like the internet
Bitch I'm a veteran, I been around every since the beginnin'
I've done a hell of alot but I'm not finished yet
I want a plaque but the bootleggers be makin' it hard to do
Keep sellin' this shit bitch we gon' maab on you
My attitude is rude, I never gave a fuck & I never will
Man I'm just tryin' to pay my bills, hol'up
Pimp C, P.A.trill nigga, polo fuck that Hilfiger
Rest In Peace I'm a see you when I get there bro
Even though you in the grave my nigga you Still Throwed.

[Verse 4: Trae]
When it come to bein' hood, hell yeah I'm in the zone
Never walk in nothin' less than 8 pools & a home
I'm the truth for real & ain't just in a song
Got 'em lookin' at these hoes like they never seen chrome
When they pick up in the trunk it's a hundred percent slow
So Throwed & you know Mr. McVey is so blowed
I'm cool but the whip wanna pose
Yeah the trunk got a mind of it's own all I do is let it glow
It's the king of the streets & the king of the ghetto
Middle finger in the air when I wanna say hello
Call me what you want I use to chase after hoes
Now they chasin' after me 'til they break they stilettos
I'm still hood, still gangsta, A.B.N is on the top haters I'm a thank ya
Plus everywhere you go you gotta deal with us like it or not
'Cause in the streets or the rap we gon' out rank ya.

[Chorus: Z-Ro] ['Til End]
Still Hood, Still Paid, Still Throwed, Still Gangsta
Still a G, don't play me
'Cause you'll see Asshole By Nature.

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