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Storm Warning Lyrics

[Chorus 1]
Rivetin' worldwinds rippin' the world
Women and children wait a minute we're all in jeapordy [x2]

[Chorus 2: said along with chorus 1 repeat x1]
The rains incessant prattle rides restless in the saddle,
A land of a million horses power trotting to the pattern

The rains incessant prattle
Marches on & on & on & on & on & on & on &on

It began at sea
Three cross currents concurrently
Creating the mother of all tempests to be
Enter percipitation and Ioniozation
The cloud cover hovered 'round ten thousand feet
They sent it swiftly to meet
The oceans waves peaks
Along the jet stream
Bars of fog sparkin', rollin, and pourin
Needles of rain
Thunderin' like god bowlin' lane

[Lyrics Born]
Crashing and Clapping
The master craftsman passionately
Expressing his anger as angst
And flashes of rain
Insanity and fascinating
Irrationally lashing out
Fashioning from his magesic means
Patters and waves
Gravity couldn't tame
Battering seas with scenes
The skies were stained
With the light white panes
Of lightening veins
By the grey clouds
With grey silk ingrained

Devastatin' [x2]

Devastation [x1]

The Baltic, Bulboous ,Cumlous
Looked more like swabs of cottoon in a charcoal dip
Stretched across all four tips of the horizion
Yet it's movement was swift
But there seemed to be a shift
The squall paused
With an oddness and stillness that felt

[Lryrics Born]
Now if the storm was the servant
And near the earths surface
The congregation was stirrin', nervous, swervin'
Like a burnin' furnace yearnin'
It was churnin', peturbed
And quite determined to be heard
[Begin alt w/Lateef]
So the ocean floor burst
The earthquake merged
And formed a network of cooridors
Which made the earth porous
The forch surged forth
The surf roared
And the stormin surf above
It assumed the same course
Now the rain poured water
And the basin toward corners
And they both aimed toward the northern Califorina Shores
And as the wind whispered warning
The ground hinted authority
The long shoremen lean
Foreward oars
Lower corner
It's quadruples in proportion
He was floored
By his formal introduction to the force!


Riveting whirlwinds [Chorus x3]
At the same time Rains incessant pattern [Chorus x4]

[Lyrics Born]
That afternoon the appatite of the catasrophe beast cooled
Began by snackin' on the panoramic view
Population of people
Every single house was feeble
In the eye of mouth of the storm
The needle of the richtor scale teeterd and trembled
So beautifully warm, Picturesque
Hail shot through the window ceil
The glass splinters sailed
Through the innards
Of little Children
Waitin for dinner
They entered and exited
The earth split like god flesh
And them engulfed two whole blocks
The roofs blew off like screw off tops
The school of the arts, the schooner docks
Plus huge supermarkets
And all its human contents
Uprooted and scooped on top
Like Duplo blocks
Now few alive to announce
The true accounts what really amounts
To rumor mills spouted huge amounts and dollar damage
The doom, the trials, the tribulations
Who can do with out the balance between life and total devastation

Everything aroound you shakin'
And you quakin'
And you feel the rockin of the foundation
Is made a slave to vibration
Then down you go
Your minds been slow
Around you so
Dishes flying out of the kitchen cabinet do'(door)
A few crashin' when they smashin' the windows
Thats when you recognize isn't just the terror in your eyes
Or the fear between your ears
It's the thunderin' and the rumblin'
Is it over you're now wonderin'
That's when the telephone poll
Rips through the roof
And adds the wide stake to your livin' room
Natures heavy burden is now pass along to you
Your house heaves and pulls
You watch the house next door
Swallowed by a sinkhole
It's outta coontrol, whoa!

Rivetin' worldwinds rippin the world,
Women and children wait a minute were all in jeapordy [x2]
The wind brought the rain, the rain cleared the lane,
And still made room for more rockin'
The quake shook the state, the state took the bait,
And sank, and still made room for more rockin [echos]

[Alt w/Lateef, begin Lyrics Born]
It's like the bible says
The Final days
The tidal wave
The earth to quake
The storm to raise
Smack the land mass
The pourin' rain
The Smoke and flame
The earth a gaping opening
From growin' pains
Broken main regurgatitin'
You're off and daughter screams in vain
The black became a rectangular lake
Some people greivin', neighborhoods that hydroplane
Heaven heavin', kept repeatin'
Passenger and everybody try to escape
On half a tank
Hearts palpitate
Valves breakin
Cal state
Fault line
Open wide
Ya fall flyin'
(??) car
Blindsided by a semi
Golden gate
Following you
Spiraling down the hemmoraging falls

Devastatin! [x1]
Devastatin! [x1]

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