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Summer Time Evening Lyrics

S. Hurley

Competition, mass transition, the strong survive
An handshake then, smiling men, it's all lies
They make it look so easy, but it takes some skill
To act as if you're losing when you make a kill
I see the world through the tv tubes
Between the lines in the evening news

Someone tells me that it's not true
Noone knows what I'm going through
You wouldn't believe me if I told you
I get this way when I watch the tube

It's just a summertime evening
and I can't look up
The sun's leaving
And I'm in a rut
I wish I was in a world where I could
Do what I want to do

Relocating, forget world trading, look at your home
Money pit stops, off to the shop I'm left alone
So confusing, channel choosing, payment to keep
All my wheeling for this feeling of security '
In front of tv sit and stare
My wife is threatening to sell this care

I get this way when I sit and stew

and you might ask why I complain
And I'd tell you what's bugging me
With the malls and the videos, the shops and the clothes
Just around the corner
Everything's too easy

Sunday evening and my lawn isn't mowed
I can't even keep suburban code

You used to have to work to get through

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