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Take A Look Lyrics

Take a look at this heart, it's the one im gonna use to love u.
Take look at these arms . This the arms am gonna use to hug u
Look at these eyes this are the eyes that will haunt you
Take a lok at this girl she is the girl that wants u.
Take look at my feet they gonna walk up to u door,
Take a look at this hands take a look at this fist
Its gonna knock like never before.
Look at this lips they're gonna kiss u and I know thell haunt u.
Take a look at thins girl am the girl that wants u
Take a look at this ring u see lying there in the window,
Take a look at that poor little empty spot on my third finger.
If u wanna see someone whos gonna be happy as can be take a look at me
Take a look at me take a lok at me.

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